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The scientific basis for our proprietary pipeline

Adpethera has a deep understanding of the role of CLR/RAMP receptor signaling in disease development. We believe a therapeutic that demonstrates superior pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic properties and selectivity would provide benefits not attainable with other drug candidates. CLR/RAMP receptors belong to the class of receptors called G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). When a ligand binds to these receptors, it causes the receptor to change shape and activate the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) signaling pathway.

To efficiently identify ideal drug candidates, we have successively screened arrays of peptide analogs for the ability to self-assemble in solutions and display a long residence time in vivo. Based on iterative phenotype screening, the Adepthera platform has enabled the generation of novel self-assembling long-acting super-agonists and super-antagonists with distinct selectivity for receptor subtypes. These agonistic and antagonistic analogs, that comprise our pipeline, are designed to have potent and selective signaling properties and other preferred attributes including bioavailability, residence time, and circulation half-life. With their unique pharmacological properties, they provide unprecedented opportunities for restoring metabolic/vascular integrity or managing treatment-resistant osteoarthritis pain and migraine headaches.

Our optimized candidates have been extensively evaluated for safety and efficacy in animals and are ready for advanced IND-enabling evaluation and clinical studies.

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