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Expanding the potential of peptide therapeutics


Adepthera is advancing the field of long-acting peptide therapeutics through its leading scientific work on self-assembling slow-release peptides for GPCR regulation. Our innovative approach integrates foundational science with innovative analogs to deliver new classes of peptide therapeutics for patients who suffer endothelial dysfunction, chronic wounds, and chronic pains. Our team of experienced drug developers is working to launch a new world of innovative peptidomimetic drugs.


Pharmacology Innovators

We were founded by a group of scientists who envision that self-assembling peptides offer unprecedented opportunities to solve treatment failure of many diseases that require prolonged drug engagement. Adepthera is developing cutting-edge self-assembling candidates for metabolic/vascular disorders and pain management. We have built candidates that have a pharmacological property unattainable with other development platforms. Our main goal is to advance these ready-made prophylactic and therapeutic candidates clinically and help build a better tomorrow for everyone.

Pharmaceutical Lab Experiment
Bioanalytical Research


The possibilities of our self-assembling peptides are endless

Smart peptide solutions are at the core of what we are developing at Adepthera. Our company uses synthetic self-assembling peptides to target undrugged GPCR pathways for disorders with huge unmet medical needs. We have developed the first CGRP antagonist suitable for intra-articular delivery to alleviate joint pain and the first CLR/RAMP receptor agonist ideal for augmenting localized healing of chronic wounds.


These multipronged therapeutic candidates are indicated for treating life-threatening disorders resulting from endothelial dysfunction and the loss of vascular integrity (e.g., diabetic ulcer and resistant hypertension), or for the prevention/mitigation of osteoarthritis pain and migraine headaches in patients who are resistant to available therapies. The novel lead candidates are currently in the IND-enabling stage of development.


The combined research expertise of our leading scientists, Sheauyu Teddy Hsu, PhD, Zheqing Cai, PhD, MD (CEO of CL Laboratory), and Paul Chow PhD (President of Keyso Consulting Group), formed the basis of Adepthera. We are building a world-class team to help realize the full potential of our exciting discoveries and shape the future of care for patients with severe endothelial dysfunction or excruciating pain resulting from treatment-resistant osteoarthritis and migraines.

NEWS and Publications

December 10, 2023 | Adepthera received a new Phase I SBIR grant from the NIDDK to develop the first CLR/RAMP receptor agonist suitable for localized healing of diabetic ulcers.

Relevant publications

November 5, 2023 | Chang et al., A gel-forming α-MSH analog promotes lasting melanogenesis. European Journal of Pharmacology (2023)


July 1, 2023 | Chang et al., Stable adrenomedullin analog mitigates placental ischemia-induced hypertension and fetal growth restriction in rats. Journal of Hypertension (2023)


December 8, 2022 | Chang et al., Gel-forming antagonist provides a lasting effect on CGRP-induced vasodilation. Frontiers in Pharmacology (2022)


November 2, 2022 | Chang et al., Sustained Activation of CLR/RAMP Receptors by Gel-Forming Agonists. Int J Mol Sci. (2022)

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